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Agricultural Chemicals

Confronted by a food crisis of global proportions, current attitudes toward existing food reserves and efforts to increase production are under question. In this context, agricultural chemicals are universally recognized as being essential to the future of the agricultural industry. With labor savings as well as a host of other benefits, agricultural chemicals are contributing significantly to the stability of agricultural production. Accordingly, research and development into the agricultural chemical field is attracting wide and keen interest.

Kumiai Chemical plays a significant role in this important effort, always putting the safety of foods and the environment first in the development of agricultural chemicals.
Agricultural Chemicals
Category Common Name Product Name
Herbicide Bispyribac-sodium NOMINEE
Bispyribac-sodium + metamifop NOMINEE-M
Bispyribac-sodium + thiobencarb NOMINEE Duo
Pyroxasulfone (global brand name: AXEEV) SAKURA
Pyriminobac-methyl BILIBINENG
Pyrimisulfan ATOTORI
Pyrithiobac-sodium STAPLE
Thiobencarb SATURN
Thiobencarb + propanil SATUNIL
Fungicide Benthiavalicarb-isopropyl VEGECLEAN
Benthiavalicarb-isopropyl + folpet VINCARE
Benthiavalicarb-isopropyl + mancozeb VALBON
Iprobenfos KITAZIN
Mepanipyrim FRUPICA
Mepronil BASITAC
Pyribencarb SUNDUJUJA
Acaricide Fenothiocarb PANOCON
Microbial Pesticide Bacillus D747 ECOSHOT
Trichoderma atroviride SKT-1 ECOHOPE



Note: Metamifop, Propanil, Folpet and Mancozeb are developed and supplied by other companies.
Some local partners formulate and distribute other products contained the active ingredients.


Agricultural Chemicals: The active ingredients included in pesticide formulations
Note: Generally, pesticide formulations do not employ the raw active ingredients found in chemical industry products. Active ingredients are prepared and processed in combination with supplementary agents in order to maximize herbicidal and pesticidal effects.