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Fine Chemicals

The discovery of new fine chemicals is another of Kumiai’s core missions as a chemical product pioneer. Expertise accumulated during the Company’s many years of activity in fine chemical product research and development, particularly with regard to toluene and xylene derivatives, has been very useful in the creation of new fine chemical products. As a result, Kumiai Chemical has been able to launch a wide range of pharmaceutical, agricultural chemical, and other important fine chemicals. The Company is highly regarded around the world for the quality of its products and its efficient and timely response to emerging needs for new fine chemicals.

As an acknowledged supplier of highly reliable fine chemicals and a trusted partner in the global corporate sector, we will continue to develop unique and innovative products.

Note: The chlorotoluene business (the manufacture and sale of chlorotoluene intermediate products) was transferred to Iharanikkei Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., a consolidated subsidiary, effective November 1, 2011. Accordingly, all inquiries concerning chlorotoluene intermediate products are handled by Iharanikkei Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. Click here for details regarding chlorotoluene intermediate products
Fine Chemicals
Classification Chemical Name Structural Formula Cas No. Product Name
Chlorotoluenes 2-Chlorotoluene 95-49-8 OCT
4-Chlorotoluene 106-43-4 PCT
2,4-Dichlorotoluene 95-73-8 2, 4-DCT
Chlorobenzyl chlorides 2-Chlorobenzyl chloride 611-19-8 OCBC
4-Chlorobenzyl chloride 104-83-6 PCBC
2,4-Dichlorobenzyl chloride 94-99-5 2, 4-DCBC
Chlorobenzotrichlorides 2-Chlorobenzotrichloride 2136-89-2 OCTC
4-Chlorobenzotrichloride 5216-25-1 PCTC
2,4-Dichlorobenzotrichloride 13014-18-1 2, 4-DCTC
Chlorobenzaldehydes 2-Chlorobenzaldehyde 89-98-5 OCAD
4-Chlorobenzaldehyde 104-88-1 PCAD
2, 4-Dichlorobenzaldehyde 874-42-0 2, 4-DCAD
Chlorobenzoyl chlorides 2-Chlorobenzoyl chloride 609-65-4 OCOC
4-Chlorobenzoyl chloride 122-01-0 PCOC
2, 4-Dichlorobenzoyl chloride 89-75-8 2, 4-DCOC
Chlorobenzoic acids 4-Chlorobenzoic acid 74-11-3 PCBA
2-Amino-4-chlorobenzoic acid 89-77-0 2, 4-ACBA
Phenoxyphenols 4-Phenoxyphenol 831-82-3 POP
Phosphines Triphenylphosphine 603-35-0 PP-360


Intermediate: A compound or substance formed as a necessary stage in the manufacture of a target compound.