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Message from the President

Under the theme of protecting and nurturing lives and nature through science, Kumiai Chemical Industry continues to take on new challenges to contribute to the global issues of food security and environmental conservation.

Agricultural chemicals have become essential resources for ensuring stable agricultural production, both in Japan and around the world. Together with people working in distribution, Kumiai Chemical Industry is striving to discover, produce and supply products, technologies and services that enable safe, reliable and healthy lifestyles, as well as the satisfaction of our customers and the farmers who use agricultural chemicals.

We are a company that contributes to society by overcoming difficulties in agricultural production caused by global environmental changes using technological innovations in order to build a sustainable and healthy society together with our clients. We are working to build a company where employees are aware of their responsibilities and work with enthusiasm to fulfill their dreams through work.

Through our activities, we will build an affluent society where people and nature coexist for future generations.

All of us here at Kumiai Chemical Industry are working together to realize this vision. We appreciate your continued understanding and support.

March 2015
Yoshitomo Koike
Kumiai Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.

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