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Code of Conduct

1. Basic items

(1) Foundation of compliance
Compliance is adherence to laws and regulations, as well as respect for social norms, such as ethics and morals. Immoral behavior or breach of manners by executives or employees bears the risk of significantly diminishing trust in the Company, brand value and corporate image. Being more than just a matter of corporate ethics, this means that it is important for each executive and employee to also have a sense of ethical values. Furthermore, it is required that they have an understanding of and act with respect for global social responsibility from the perspective of ISO 26000 (guidance with regard to social responsibility) and also for other international codes of conduct.

(2) Corporate ethics
As a company engaged primarily in the manufacture and sale of agrochemicals, we strive to secure high corporate ethics, earning the trust of all people with whom we associate through business activities that range from R&D to the sale of products in support of multifaceted roles in agriculture. In addition, with respect for ethics, morals and other social norms, our behavior addresses the expectations of stakeholders and seeks to earn their trust.

(3) Compliance with laws and regulations
We must sincerely comply with relevant laws and regulations, as well as with the Company’s rules, and conduct business activities with good social sense.

(4) Compliance with the Code of Conduct
We position compliance with the Kumiai Chemical Code of Conduct as a basis, but the Code does not necessarily cover all activities. Matters that are not specified under the Code must properly be handled in accordance with the basic spirit underlying the Kumiai Chemical Group Corporate Philosophy and Principle, the Action Charter of the Kumiai Chemical Group, and the present Kumiai Chemical Code of Conduct.

2. Sincerity and pride as a Kumiai Chemical employee

(1) Respect for privacy and diversity
Together with striving to maximize respect for privacy among employees, we respect a diverse range of values.

(2) Prohibition of bribery
We strictly prohibit the offering bribes to public or quasi-public officials of any nation or local area. In addition, we will maintain healthy and appropriate relationships with regard to governments and public offices.

(3) Prohibition of harassment
In the performance of our duties, we strive to create a healthy workplace without abuse or any form of harassment, including sexual, power, gender or maternity harassment.

(4) A clear line between public and private matters
The company’s assets, items and other property must be put to use solely for the execution of business activities, and not utilized for personal objectives.

(5) Personal ethics
In order for the Company to realize compliance, each one of us must sincerely adhere to relevant laws and regulations in the execution of daily business duties and must make efforts to behave based on sound social judgement.

(6) Securing reliability of data
We must conduct research based on earnest thoughts and a sincere stance, and under no circumstances will data be falsified or fabricated, or treated in any other way that would bring shame or diminish the integrity of researchers. Moreover, in our production activities as well, there must be absolutely no fabrication or falsification of data.

(7) Workplace safety
To the extent possible, the Company must offer opportunities for all employees to develop their abilities and realize personal growth. It must also aim to create a work environment that is safe and where it is easy to perform work duties, and that has a positive climate in which dynamic communication makes it possible for people to speak their mind.

In our production activities, together with the wearing of the safety and health protective equipment that is obliged in line with internal rules and standards, we must take the utmost measures for safety while promoting safety initiatives in the workplace.

3. A Total Win with customers and trading partners

(1) Providing products that lead to customer satisfaction
1) We will challenge ourselves to discover new agrochemicals that facilitate products that create new value and the stable supply of agricultural products. In addition, we will undertake development of agrochemicals for environmentally friendly agriculture using our proprietary technology.

2) We possess pride and take responsibility in being involved in the development of products that address customer needs and earn their trust, and we promote efficient and high-quality manufacturing that enables a stable supply of products to customers. In tandem with this, based on appropriate quality management, we make efforts to care for the environment and conduct safe operations that do not lead to accidents or damage.

3) We are delighted to be able to offer safe, high-quality products and services, and together with conducting fair sales practices and proper marketing activities, we sincerely endeavor to respond appropriately to the demands and claims from customers and trading partners.

(2) Compliance with the Anti-Monopoly Act
As it strives to conduct fair business activities, the Company strictly adheres to the provisions of the Anti-Monopoly Act, which include: the prohibition of cartels; the prohibition of collusion and other activities that place improper restraints on trade; the prohibition of private monopolies; the prohibition of abuse of a dominant position and other unfair trade practices; compliance with operational regulations set forth by industry organizations, and compliance with regulations for business combinations. In addition, the Company is aware of the need to comply with overseas laws relating to competition.

(3) Gift giving and hospitality
We respect the positions and rights of our trading partners, and when conducting trade, we comply with relevant laws and regulations and with fair trading customs, maintaining healthy relations with trading partners. We must also not provide, and must not receive, hospitality or gifts that exceed the scope of common sense.

(4) Supply chain
Kumiai Chemical makes concerted efforts to conduct proper procurement activities that promote CSR and that pay respect to international codes of conduct. We also conduct appropriate import and export procedures for products and technology information in accordance with relevant export/import laws and regulations.

(5) Avoiding conflicts of interest
We avoid trading activities that hold the potential for conflicts of interest.

4. Mutual communication with shareholders

(1) Disclosure of management information
We place importance on the disclosure of information to shareholders and other investors, striving for timely and appropriate information disclosure, including for that of non-financial information. These efforts are in order to provide an understanding of our business activities and to earn trust.

(2) Prohibition of insider trading
We comply with the regulations specified under the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, as well as with our internal regulations concerning the prohibition of insider transactions.

(3) Accurate records and accounting procedures and proper management of Company property
We properly record our business activities and maintain records appropriately. Our accounting methods are conducted in a fair and reasonable manner. In addition, we properly manage tangible and intangible company assets and work to maintain them.

5. Respect for stakeholders

(1) Local communities
Deepening its exchange with local communities, Kumiai Chemical works to contribute to communities by participating in local social activities.

(2) Protection of intellectual property rights
Being aware of the importance of intellectual property rights, such as patent rights, trademark rights and so forth, we work to acquire the rights to what we produce internally. We also respect the intellectual property rights of others and will not infringe upon them.

(3) Contributions to society
We endeavor to conduct activities that contribute to society, making contributions to the production of safe and secure agricultural products, and to leave an abundant natural environment to future generations, as well as to coexist with communities in the vicinity of our business operation sites.

(4) Protection of confidential information
We strive to prevent leaks or falsification of confidential information recorded in our printed materials or electronic media, and we strictly manage and maintain such information.

6. Responsibility to society, and earning the trust of society

(1) Respect for human rights
Kumiai Chemical respects human rights, and does not discriminate based on reasons of birth, nationality, race, ethnicity, beliefs, religion, gender, age, disability or other characteristic. We must also not be complicit with violations of human rights, such as child labor or forced labor.

(2) Rejection of relationships with antisocial forces
Under no circumstances will we associate with antisocial forces or organizations that threaten the public order and safety of society.

(3) Protection of the global environment
It is the wish of the Company to pass on to future generations an enriched society where humans and nature exist in harmony. We are conscious that protection of the global environment is a social responsibility and that we must conduct business activities that take care to maintain sustainability and biodiversity.

(4) Business activities at overseas locations
Taking into account the spirit of international codes of conduct, we have respect for the various world cultures and customs and contribute to the development of local areas through the conduct of our business activities.

7. Education and training

To strengthen our stance on compliance and to instill corporate ethics, we periodically conduct training with regard to laws and regulations (including company in-house regulations), respect for social norms, corporate ethics and other topics.