Enabling safe and reliable agricultural production while helping to protect the natural environment for future generations

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Environmental and Social Contributions

CSR and Social Contribution at Kumiai

At Kumiai, true to our commitment of “Protecting and Fostering Life and Nature,” we are working hard every day to address the global challenges of food security and environmental conservation.

We practice safe, reliable agricultural production, strive to protect the natural environment for future generations, and contribute to local development. In everything we do, we want to be a zero-pollution company that enhances people’s daily lives.
CSR of Kumiai Chemical Industry and Match of Community Service Activity

Contribution to Agriculture

At Kumiai, we help make agricultural production more stable by offering labor-saving products such as pellet-type formulations and by developing and supplying safe and effective agrochemicals. Our rigorous quality management system ensures that our products have high levels of safety and reliability.

We also undertake various initiatives such as supporting research activities by collaborating with academic institutions, supporting AgriFuture Japan with the development of new farm managers, and sponsoring a university essay competition to promote agricultural education.

Contribution Activity to Agriculture

Contribution to Environmental

Kumiai is serious about developing environmentally responsible agrochemicals, including microbial, hybrid, and fine granule products that reduce spray drift, as well as eco-friendly products such as more effective pesticides that can be used in smaller quantities to reduce environmental impact. We also operate an environmental management system to reduce the environmental impact of our production activities.

Kumiai supports a paddy land conservation group in Kikugawa City, Shizuoka Prefecture, and supplies high-quality timber through ownership, maintenance and management of 640 hectares of forest land in Hokkaido. We are also working on broader conservation activities, such as reducing greenhouse gas emissions and helping to promote groundwater recharge.

Contribution Activity to the Environment

Contribution to Local Communities

At Kumiai, we work hard to build good relations with local communities, such as participating in local cleanup events and providing regular internship programs for university students located near our worksites. We also offer workplace experiences to junior high school students, provide support for local festivals, and organize employee blood drives.

In addition, we sometimes host forums to exchange views with local residents, while also providing briefings and plant tours for local government officials, including ward mayors. By deepening public understanding of our environmental initiatives and risk management system, we are striving to build relations of trust and friendship with local communities.

Contribution Activity to A Local Community

Special Feature:Donguri (Acorn) Project

Based on the philosophy that social contribution is a company’s reason for being, Kumiai is undertaking initiatives in different regions of Japan. In Miyagi Prefecture, where several of our operations are located, we joined the Donguri (Acorn) Project, which is designed to help restore green spaces that were damaged in the Great East Japan Earthquake.

This project involves collecting acorns in Miyagi Prefecture, and after raising seedlings at our company, planting them in local forests. The aim is to plant 10,000 seedlings every year. Together with people in Miyagi, we will enthusiastically support this project in order to protect the abundant natural environment of this prefecture.

*"Donguri (Acorn) Project" is a registered trademark of Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd.

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