Contributing to agriculture by keeping life and nature in harmony — Kumiai is a comprehensive agrochemical manufacturer

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Kumiai Chemical Group Corporate Philosophy and Principle

Kumiai Chemical Group Corporate Philosophy

We will contribute to the safety, security, and prosperity of society by leveraging our unique scientific creativity to protect and foster life and nature.

Kumiai Chemical Group Principles

1. Service to society
2. Innovation and ingenuity
3. Positivity and resolve
4. Understanding and trust

Action Charter of the Kumiai Chemical Group

1. Customer satisfaction

We develop and provide safe, high-quality products and services that satisfy our customers.

2. Compliance with laws and regulations

We comply with both the letter and the spirit of relevant laws and regulations and conduct fair, transparent corporate activities in accord with social ethics and norms.

3. Environmental considerations

We consider the environment and promote harmony between people and nature by setting our own voluntary standards and complying with relevant laws and regulations.

4. Contribution to communities and society

We actively communicate with society, participate in social contribution activities and engage with local communities.

5. Information disclosure

We properly manage corporate information and disclose it to customers, shareholders and other stakeholders in a timely, appropriate manner.

6. Protection of intellectual property and other information

We recognize the importance of various information such as intellectual property and personal information, manage it properly, and respect the intellectual property rights of other parties.

7. Workplace environment

We not only observe relevant laws and regulations but also respect the individuality of all Group employees, support them in building fulfilling and balanced lives, and ensure a safe, supportive workplace environment.

8. No engagement with antisocial forces

We take an uncompromising stance toward antisocial forces and organizations that threaten the order and safety of civil society and never respond to improper or illegal demands.

9. Globalization

We not only comply with international rules, national laws and regulations but also respect local cultures and customs and pursue management that contributes to local development.

10. Respect for human rights

We respect fundamental human rights and will not conduct corporate activities that violate them.

11. Charter initiatives

The Group’s executives recognize that their role is to ensure that the Group lives up to this Charter. They take the lead in upholding the Charter while providing thorough guidance to employees. They also continually seek out internal and external opinions in order to make the organization of the Group even more effective, and they strive to ensure that corporate ethics are well-established.