AXEEV, more commonly known by its chemical name pyroxasulfone, is the latest herbicide discovered and developed by KUMIAI CHEMICAL. Its breakthrough active ingredient solves problems in the non- crop area or farmland by providing outstanding control of various broadleaf and grass weeds by inhibiting the growth of roots and shoots. AXEEV provides longer residual activity when compared to other residual herbicides. It also exhibits high crop tolerances which allows flexibility to growers. Our partners around the world have developed unique mixture products containing AXEEV, each characterized by their own technologies.

What is offerd

AXEEV has many remarkable features to offer, such as a new class of chemistry, outstanding residual weed control, wide application timings, and a low use rate, all which help farmers control weeds.

Weed Control

AXEEV is a broad spectrum herbicide which provides excellent control of the listed weeds, including those which may be herbicide resistant.

Labeled Crops

AXEEV is well commonly recognized for its performance and use in crops such as corn, soybean, and wheat. However, it is not limited to only these crops, as it has many other uses.

Sales Area

North America
Latin America
Middle East